Monday, 29 June 2009

Baby at the Beach

Saturday was Elena's first trip to the Tijuana Playas since her birth. She slept through the whole event but I imagine she liked the lulling sound of the ocean. I sure enjoyed the change in scenery. :)

Friday, 19 June 2009

Elena Laura Sorensen

One week ago we met our little daughter face to face. Elena (elaine-uh) was born Friday, June 12 just after 11:00 p.m.  The labor process was a bit longer than I had expected (27 hrs pre-labor and 20 hrs active labor) but with the support of an amazing husband and my mom it was possible. We delivered at a hospital in Tijuana with a great doctor who respected our wishes in an unmedicated, natural birth.  He actually let us deliver in the private room we had been in all day rather than the operating room that is standard.  Having noted Ryan's iPhone, he asked if he'd put on music so our precious little girl arrived to the remix of the song, "Amazing Grace".  So many prayers were answered throughout those hours of labor. We are so grateful to our Creator and King for his special care of us and little Elena. 

Uncle TJ came to visit the first week

Just a few hours old and warmly greeted  by our staff. Elena will have lots of babysitters!
Enjoying time with Grandma Becky (Steph's mom)

Friday, 5 June 2009

..In Her Sweet Time..

This isn't a sarcastic statement but a sincere comment. According to our doctor we're at 41 weeks but to be honest, I don't believe in due dates and I'm not certain we pegged this one right anyway. Things are moving in the right direction and our little girl seems to be healthy and happy just waiting to make her appearance on this side of the womb. I feel good and have now embraced the pregnancy waddle. The only reason I know about the prego walk is that my sister Melissa giggles when she walks behind me. My mom and little brother Austin are also visiting from Oregon so we've been able to enjoy time together. And since we live in a community which now boasts 13 staff (including summer help) there is always something to do and something interesting going on.

A little side note on the balloons: The other day I picked up our friend's kids from pre-school and the 4-year old class had been given balloons. One little girl whispered something to her mom and her mom replied, "ask her". So she came up to me and asked (in Spanish) if I was hiding a balloon under my shirt.