Thursday, 16 September 2010

Staff Retreat

Summer has come to an end. Where we live in Tijuana, this is notable when you wake to a morning marine layer, the border lines are longer with students in school uniforms, jackets become more common as we gather for dinner on the porch, and you see millions of Mexican flags preparing for today's celebration (Independence Day...vive México!).
Before we arrived at this particular week, our first week back in classes at BBS, we spent a week as a staff in Rosarito beach preparing our hearts and minds for this upcoming year. A generous couple from Seaside, OR donated a week of their timeshare so that we could stay at a beautiful condo/resort on the beach. They've allowed us to stay there before and its become a favorite of our staff because of the beautifully landscaped grounds, quiet nooks, easy access to the beach, and rustic bungalos overlooking the ocean.

one of our evening activities was decorating muffins to look like the person whose name was drawn; if you look carefully, you'll notice elena under the table. she likes to be where the action is.

from left: ryan, dan, kim, richell, heidi

kim made ryan with an avocado helmet and motorcycle. heidi made dan with extra long fingernails from dried orange peels to signify his guitar-playing hand. when lyndsay (dan's wife) saw his likeness in muffin from she said, "that is disgusting".

one evening we had some friends from tijuana visit. the Davis family have a son about two years older than elena. she and rhys really enjoy playing with each other. they're funny to watch because they like to imitate one another.