Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sunday, 19 June 2011

On the Go

Please excuse the silence from this blog. We've had a full few months since BBS's graduation in April. Here is a recap of the highlights:

We were able to see family in the NW in May. Some highlights were time with siblings & parents, good coffee, trees (clean air!), hiking, meeting our sweet nephew Ethan, a little free time for us while the grandparents took care of Elena, a trip to Fred Meyers (I know that sounds really weird but So.Cal doesn't have Freddy's and I've never found any store quite like it...where else can you get Nancy's yogurt and a pair of Levis on sale?), and a visit with friends from Tijuana (now living in Tacoma) Miguel & Shawna.

Elena showing Ethan (5mos) how to properly look at books

From Tijuana to had been a year since our dear friends left Tijuana so we were delighted to meet up with them in Portland.

Elena turned TWO. Has it really been two years since that incredible and long labor experience? That 3 month blur of not freaking out at every new newborn sound, figuring out how to nurse in public, and hearing many sweet Mexican women chant "¡aye, que linda bebe....que bonitos ojos....mira la princesa!"? And has it already been a year since she started walking (and falling)? Since she first said "favor" (as in "por favor"--please)? Yep. She is now a little girl who is just as busy, sweet, and inquisitive as the first time we laid eyes on her.

Elena and Richell at a jungle-like fruit/taco stand in Tijuana....what else would a 2 year old want for her birthday than a fresh veggie-fruit juice? Okay, maybe its just a Sorensen thing.

Now that you've traveled with me down Elena memory lane, I'm pleased to announce that Mike and Melissa are the proud parents of Thomas Joseph Lenard (better known as Tommy) born June 7. Something I discovered after experiencing the process of birth with Elena is how much I love it. Okay, labor is labor and hard work but it is also an amazing, fascinating, and inspiring process. I have been honored to be beside both my sisters as they gave birth. So quite recently I've spent a lot of time at Mike and Melissa's. Elena and I spent a week with M&M awaiting Tommy's arrival. He was cozy where he had been all 9+ months so we went back to Tijuana for a few days until he was ready to leave the comfort of his mommy's womb. I was able to travel back without Elena (Super Dad took great care of her for 4 days) to more fully support Liss during labor, delivery and after.

Stephs' mom with Tommy (2wks) and Elena

My sisters and our kids (from left: Erika & Addie, Melissa & Tommy, Me & Elena).

We were blessed with a trip to Big Bear Lake in June. Some friends of BBS gave us a few nights at a time share so we thoroughly enjoyed exploring this place new to us. Another benefit was that Mike and Melissa's is on the way so we got to see them and my mom and sister who were visiting.

Hiking near the Lake...Elena was in heaven with the endless dirt (she's not that unevenly tan), large pinecones, sticks, and streams.

We discovered that Elena loves the swimming pool. She asked to go to "swimming time" each day.