Saturday, 14 March 2009

Brave Ryan

We've posted mostly about Steph and baby so it's time to give Ryan some attention. Today was his turn at the doctor. We realized it's been over 15 years since he's had a regular check up and considering the fact that we live in the land of carne asada, it'd be good to look over cholesterol levels.  Drawing blood, however, was not an easy task.  Apparently he has great veins but they're hard to get to. So I watched the nurse dig around to find some blood. It didn't look like it felt too good.  Eventually, to doctor came in and got the sample he needed. After that, we decided to go for the grown up version of getting a lollipop for being good at the doctor's office....we went to Maya Java CafĂ©, one of our favorite coffee places in Tijuana.  

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