Thursday, 9 April 2009

Castillo Baby Shower

Last weekend, Lyndsay headed up a baby shower on campus. It was awesome! At first, I was hesitant to receive all the attention but she made is so fun to welcome our little girl as "princess" of the Castillo (FYI: Castillo means castle and it's the nickname the neighbors have given the main building on campus). I felt so spoiled and blessed to be surrounded by such caring friends and family.
Baja staff & friends (from left: Shawna, Kelly, Heidi, Steph, Lyndsay, Addie)
Our wonderful neighbors & friends (left: Stefanie, Dona, Gustavo, Lydia, Olga, Maria, Kenya, & Addie)
My sister, Melissa, came down from Riverside. As you can see, she loves to poke at the baby.

The reason I was so excited about this little "jogging suite" is that Ryan jogs with the husband of the lady who gave it to us. I couldn't help but think of our baby joining him and Chuy for exercise at the local park one day. 
The girls did such a great job with the food. Needles to say, the chocolate fountain was a hit with both Mexicans and Americans. The girls also made crepes, which were quite popular, too. 

Heidi's sister, Heather, made this cake of diapers. I don't really want to take it apart. :)

I don't know if this is done in the States as well but here it's a common game. You pull off as much toilet paper as you think would fit around the pregnant lady and the person who guesses the closest wins. Ryan overshot it a bit! 
Lyndsay & I with our friend's twin girls.

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  1. Oh! You look so good! This makes me think of your bridal shower... Seems so long ago! *sigh* I have some news myself... We'll be starting our own blog here pretty soon! ;)