Friday, 29 May 2009

Her Little Abode

I think nesting can occur in an "expecting" husband as well as the wife. Today we're at 40 weeks. Two days ago Ryan decided to put new flooring in the baby/office area. We'd talked about doing it before the baby came but life has been busy so I assumed it'd occur sometime down the road. Nope. It's in and thankfully the baby didn't decide to come while construction was under way.
Ryan actually slept in this crib. His parents had saved it and it made its way from Washington to Northern Mexico!
The baby's area is really part of our bedroom/office loft. It's pretty common here to share living space so that's what we'll do. She'll be spoiled because we have an amazing view of the city (both Tijuana and San Diego).


  1. Wow! Her space looks so cute and cozy. Talk about a million dollar view! How beautiful. Can't wait to see her! Love you, dear friend.

  2. Oh how exciting! I checked in this morning expecting to see a new baby... She must be very cozy! Praying she comes soon and well! Love you all!

  3. You are so adorably cute preganant!! I bet you are counting the days by now! Can't wait to see her. Her room is so cute and cozy. Can't wait to find out what our baby is so we can start that process:)