Tuesday, 2 March 2010

La Lavamatica

I love living in Mexico. One of the funner things here is the laundromat experience. First of all, you can double park to load/unload and no one will be annoyed or honk at you. Secondly, its a relational culture so babies are passed around by strangers and its not scary or weird. Since having a baby of my own, I'm much more drawn to other babies. In the States I often get the leave-my-kids-alone vibe so I control my urge to talk to mom and play with her baby. That's not the case here. The following photos will demonstrate.

My friend Shawna and I arrived at the laundromat and since its difficult to load the washing machine with baby in tow, I did the most reasonable thing I could and put her in a cart.
A few minutes later a mom with a 3-month old baby came up to meet us. She didn't stop at the typical "look at her pretty blue eyes and white skin" routine. She decided our infants should play so she brought her blanket and toys. It was awesome! Shawna and I chatted while the babies enjoyed their makeshift play center.


  1. So sweet! I bet Benjamin wishes he had someone to play with while I did laundry...

  2. and then there were two! I love this...