Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Just Being....

I (this is Steph) must confess something that I recently read from Theresa of Avila that resounded within me. She talks of people plagued with a restless soul, unable to keep their thoughts from wandering. They are sidetracked and distracted, yearning for inner peace but lacking it.
I used to see my task-orientedness as good and maybe even desired but I’ve come to realize that really I am plagued by busyness. Not that I’m physically always on the go but my mind is. This is compounded by living where I work. I love where we live, on the campus of BBS, but for me, it is hard to stop and be still. I love being a mom but it is equally as hard to take quiet moments when Elena is napping, set aside household chores, and be with my Father.
Last Sunday Ryan and I decided to go and be. We visited a State Park just 40 miles east of San Diego. It’s a well known spot that we have embarrassingly never taken advantage of. As people who grew up enjoying hiking and camping in the NW, being away from the city is refreshing to both of us. It’s a place to regroup and commune with the One we serve. To set aside tasks, ideas, thoughts, and plans, and to take a moment to clear our heads and get lost in wonder of His creation.

Elena seems to be equally enthralled with the outdoors
This was the expression on her face the whole time we were near the waterfalls

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