Monday, 17 January 2011

Highlights from the Holidays

1. The Subaru (affectionately called "the subie") finally experienced snow in Payson, AZ.

2. Mike and Melissa are having a boy! I've named him Ry-Ry after my dear husband but they have some other ideas. We'll let you know his real name in May when he arrives.

3. The Castillo experienced (and survived) all Steph's immediate family and their spouses over Christmas weekend. We also spent time at Mike & Melissa's. I love watching Elena with her family and especially her grandparents.

4. Elena loves her baby cousin Addie. When she first saw her she exclaimed, "baby" and tried to pick her up. Don't let this picture fool you, she played well with Addie & enjoyed patting her and giving her hugs.

4. We enjoyed Christmas eve in Tijuana with our friends Luis & Aide, and much of their extended family. And somehow we managed to sleep that night even with all the fireworks and loud music.

5. The first week of January we resumed classes at the beach. Yep, tough life. BBS was given a weeks stay at a resort in Rosarito so thats where we held classes. It took Elena awhile to be okay with walking in the sand but strangely enough she didn't cry when she fell in the ocean (I'm not that horrible of a mom...I was watching closely, I just didn't expect her lose her balance when the water came to her toes).