Thursday, 29 July 2010

Elena and the Nanny

Did you say Nanny? What in the world are Ryan and Steph doing with a Nanny? Well, we've moved up in society. Just kidding. Actually, Jae has been a huge blessing to us these last several weeks since I (Steph) have been keeping books for the school over the summer. So here's what happened and how gracious the Lord is. There was a gap in office staffing that needed to be filled for a few months, which I am happy to do. Happy to do but have a hard time doing with an active baby toddling around. Ryan's got plenty to keep him busy so after a few weeks of frustration at what I wasn't able to get done, we left for vacation. While in WA we got an email from Jae, who has spent time in Tijuana both on the BBS campus and with Caravan ministries. She wanted to spend some time in TJ this summer and was looking for a place to serve. In her email she mentioned even being willing to help with Elena. Bingo!!! I would never have thought to ask anyone to specifically come down to babysit but she mentioned it and it was a no-brainer. Elena & I have both loved being with Jae and the help has been invaluable. The photos below were taken today with Jae's camera at Luis' boy's home. (I stole them from her facebook). Sadly, next week is her last week with us. Maybe she'd consider being a full-time nanny?! :)

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  1. That's awesome! I couldn't imagine doing ANYthing else with Ben around! What a good God! Love you!