Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A Little Family Vacation

We've now experienced a new way of camping as a family...van camping! Its awesome. The van doesn't belong to us, it is Mike and Melissa's but we all got to enjoy the 1970s something Dodge conversion van on our family camping trip.
[note the map of the USA plastered to the side of the van]
this has been Melissa's dream van for years
we camped at Rock Creek Lake with a spot right by the creek
[I didn't actually let her eat it]
the most beautiful hike we've been on in years

the best piece of advice ever for camping with a toddler....an inflatable container! thank you Cuellars for the tip!
needless to say, she enjoyed the bouncy effect
another good use of an old conversion van....a place to bathe out of the wind
note Mike's propped leg...yep, a hatchet accident. no joke. we even went to the ER to get it stapled.

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  1. How fun! Elena is so cute!! I'm totally using the bouncy containing device idea!